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Garage Door Services in Orland Park, IL

Garage door repair, installation, maintenance, and inspections.

garage door installation in Orland Park
garage door opener in Orland Park
garage door springs in Orland Park

Garage Door Repair Services
Orland Park, IL

Garage doors are something that we often take for granted - until it stops working. Your garage door is most likely the largest moving object in your home. Therefore, it can (and most likely will) run into some issues at some point. Unfortunately, there are not many garage door issues that are nice and simple "quick fixes" that just anyone can do by themselves at home.

Even equipped with a youtube tutorial, it is not recommended that you attempt to fix your garage door on your own. If you are having garage door problems in Orland Park, it is best to give the garage door repair professionals a call at 1-708-273-5184, and one of our technicians will get your garage door back in tip-top shape.

Garage Photo Eye Sensors
photo eye sensor

The one exception to this is the photo eye sensors becoming misaligned. If your garage door will not close, when you hit the remote, and you don't hear any loud noises, or see anything that is clearly wrong, it might be worth checking if your photo eye sensors are misaligned or blocked by something.

The photo eye sensors are located at the base of your garage door tracks on both sides. The purpose of these sensors is to ensure that there is nothing in the way of the garage door when it closes. The two sensors must be aligned with each other with nothing blocking them for the garage door to close. If your garage door is not closing, first check that there is nothing blocking the sensors, and then make sure that they are aligned with each other.

If neither of these attempts work, then the issue is something else, and you are going to need to call in the experts. That is what we are here for. Our Orland Park garage door repair technicians are the best in the business and will find and solve the issue for you, quickly and effectively.

Garage Door Springs

broken torsion spring

If you discover that your garage door will no longer going up or down, or it does so with great effort, you may have a broken garage door spring or springs. Your garage door is actually very heavy. If you have ever opened or closed your garage door by hand, you were able to do so because the weight of the garage door is offset by the springs. The same is true for the motor. A garage door motor is not strong enough to open a garage door without the weight being offset by the garage door springs, and if it does still work, it won't work for long. If your garage door springs have broken, you may have heard a loud bang come from the garage. (see photo for example of a broken torsion spring)

If you think that you have a broken garage door spring, do not try to fix the spring yourself. It can be very dangerous for someone who is inexperienced to try to replace a garage door spring. The garage door springs must be tightened a substantial amount for the spring to work properly, and it is very easy to get hurt in the process of doing this. Therefore, it is highly recommended call a professional for garage door spring replacement in Orland Park.

What causes a garage door spring to break?

  • Spring Cycles:
    A "spring cycle" refers to every time the garage door opens or closes. Garage door springs are not made to last forever (they physically cannot). Most generic garage door springs are rated to last from 5,000 to 10,000 cycles. High-grade steel springs are rated to last from 25,000 to 50,000 cycles. The upfront cost of high-grade steel springs is more, but they will ultimately save you money in the long run.
  • Spring Corrosion:
    If a garage door spring breaks before it's cycle rating is up, it is likely caused by corrosion. Certain wet climates will put garage door springs at a higher risk of corrosion. This can be prevented by lubricating the springs prior to installation. This will provide greater protection against garage door spring corrosion.

Garage Door Openers

garage door opener

Garage door openers are incredibly convenient, but they also tend to be susceptible to failure. Regular garage door opener maintenance can help prevent this. However, most people don't want to put the time or money into maintaining their garage door opener. This will cost you more money in the long run. That being said, if you are having issues with your garage door opener in Orland Park, Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair is here to help.

The reason why garage door motors are so susceptible to breaking is because they are made up of lots of small, intricate parts that are all required to operate the motor. Our Orland Park garage door opener repair technicians carry the most common garage door opener parts with them on their trucks so that they can make garage door opener repairs immediately.

Some of these garage door opener parts include:

  • garage door remotes
  • garage door keypads
  • garage door belt
  • garage door chain
  • garage door motor circuit board
  • garage door motor gears

If your garage door opener stops working, it is likely that one of these parts is damaged and needs to be replaced. It is possible that your entire garage door opener needs to be replaced, but if we can avoid this, and save you money, we will. So if you need garage door opener repair in Orland Park, just give the experts a call at 1-708-273-5184, and we will have your garage door opener working like new again.

Garage Door Installations
Orland Park, IL

garage door installation

Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair offers residential garage door installation in Orland Park, IL. There are several reasons why someone might need garage door installation in Orland Park. Maybe you have a brand new house that is in the process of being built, maybe you want to upgrade your home's look, or maybe someone accidentally backed their car into your garage door. Whatever the reason, Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair is here to help.

Our Orland Park garage door installation process covers everything from helping you decide on the perfect garage door for your home, to the removal and disposal of your current garage door (if you have one). For the first step of the process, one of our garage door installation specialists will come out to your home, and go over all you different options for your new garage door. There are several brands and styles to choose from, all with unique features and benefits. This initial visit and consultation is provided to all of our customers 100% FREE of charge. We do this because we want you to absolutely be in love with your new garage door.

Different styles of garage doors include:

  • Aluminum Garage Doors
  • Steel Garage Doors
  • Wooden Garage Doors
  • Glass Garage Doors
  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Single Panel Garage Doors

Other things to conciser (which our installer will go over with you) before installing your garage door are; insulation levels which can range from uninsulated to over 3 layers of insulation, and whether or not you would like windows on your garage door, and if so, where and how many.


For garage door service in Orland Park, give us a call at 1-708-273-5184 and schedule an appointment today.

Gate Services in Orland Park, IL

Gate installations, motors, intercoms, and more.

gate opener Orland Park
gate welding in Orland Park
gate intercom Orland Park

Driveway Gate Services
Orland Park, IL

A driveway gate provides you, your home, your possessions, and your loved ones with additional security. It allows you to keep those you want out, out, and let those you want in, in. However, a gate only offers this when it is working properly. A gate that is stuck open isn't protecting anyone from anything, and a gate that is stuck closed doesn't let anyone come in or out.

Manual Driveway Gates
manual gate

Manual driveway gates are gates that must be operated (open and closed) by hand. Most modern driveway gates are electric, but manual gates do still exist, and in fact even offer some benefits. Manual gates are much less likely to get stuck open or closed because they do not rely on complex motors to function. If a manual gate does have an issue, it is most likely caused by the gate going off the track (if it is a sliding gate) or for its hinges to break or sag (if it is a swing gate).

At Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair we are happy to help you get your manual gate in Orland Park back in perfect condition. Additionally, we offer gate automation service in Orland Park where we come out and install an electric gate operator on your current gate, which will provide you with additional convenience and protection.

Electric Driveway Gates

manual gate

Electric gates are gates that open and close by a gate motor AKA gate operator AKA gate opener. They provide more convenience and security for your home, by allowing you to easily control who can come and go from your home. But when your electric gate stops working, either your security is compromised because your gate is stuck open, or you could end up not being able to leave if your gate is stuck closed.

If your electric gate stops working in Orland Park, give Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call right away at 1-708-273-5184 to schedule service. We offer high end gate repair service which includes automatic gate repair, gate opener repair, gate welding repair, access control repairs, and more. We work on all brands and models of gate operators including Linear, All-O-Matic, Liftmaster, Ramset, Elite, Viking, Eagle, and more.

There are several reasons why you might need electric gate repair in Orland Park, these include; malfunctioning gate motors, broken gate hinges, the gate can come off the track. You may also have an intercom system set up with your electric gate which we can service as well. If you are having any kind of electric gate issue, call the gate repair experts at Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair. Don't wait on a broken gate, you and your families safety is too important to gamble with. Call us for service at 1-708-273-5184 today.

Gate Opener Repairs
swing gate opener

An electric gate opener is a great convenience of modern living. It is the component of your gate system that allows easy entrance and exit for you and your guests. Because gate motors are, just that, motors, they are made up of lots of intricate little parts; cogs, belts, electronics, etc. all of which must be working in perfect unison to function properly. Over any extended period of time, things tend to go wrong with motors, and they will require maintenance and repairs (just like your car motor).

If your gate opener is making noises, if it is running slower than before, or if it is altogether not working, give Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call for gate opener repair in Orland Park. If it is possible to repair your gate opener, we will repair it. If your gate opener is beyond repair, we will replace it. Either way, we will get your electric gate working to your satisfaction once again.

At Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair, we work on/carry replacement parts for all major gate opener brands including:

  • Ramset
  • Eagle
  • Liftmaster
  • All-O-Matic
  • Linear
  • And More!
Gate Remote Replacement And Programming
gate remote

If your electric gate is not working, it may not be the motor. A common reason why electric gates might stop working is because of the gate remote. Gate remotes are typically kept on a keychain, in the house, and in the car. If one of the remotes works and the others don't, then you have a gate remote issue. We carry several brands of gate remotes, as well as universal gate remotes, and will program these remotes for you.

In addition to gate remotes, often people will have keypads installed by their gate to allow easy access to those who know the code. Both remotes and keypads rely upon lots of small electronic parts to operate, and send wireless (sometimes wired) signals to the gate motors that they are programmed to. As with all things electronic, sometimes, gate remotes and gate keypads need to be repaired or replaced. If you are experiencing any type of issue wiht your gate remote or your gate keypad, give Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call for gate remote programming in Orland Park

Gate Intercom Repairs
gate intercom

A gate intercom allows you to communicate between two or more local devices (intercoms), and works similar to a phone system. With a gate intercom, finding out who is at your gate and letting them in becomes even more convenient and provides you with even more security by providing you a way to communicate from a distance, but these benefits only come if the gate intercom is working correctly.

One of the more common issues that we see clients experiencing with their gate intercom systems in Orland Park, is that the connection between the gate intercoms becomes inconstant or goes out altogether. The reason for this is because of how gate intercoms work. There are two types of gate intercom systems. One is wired, the other is wireless, and both have upsides and downsides. Wired gate intercom connections will generally be more stable, and will not be effected by weather, or poor reception issues, but if the wires themselves become damaged, then the system will be compromised. Wireless connections don't have the same physical issues, but they do rely upon good cell service to be able to work well. For and and all gate intercom repairs in Orland Park give Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call today.


For gate service in Orland Park, give us a call at 1-708-273-5184 and schedule an appointment today.

Commercial Garage Door Services in Orland Park, IL

Commercial overhead doors, commercial rollup doors, etc.

commercial garage door repair Orland Park
commercial garage door repair Orland Park
commercial garage door repair Orland Park

Commercial Garage Doors
Orland Park, IL

In addition to providing installation, maintenance, and repair services for residential garage doors in Orland Park, we also offer commercial garage door service in Orland Park. There are several different varieties of commercial garage doors. The commercial garage door that you have, or choose to have installed, depends upon what the use of the commercial garage door is for. No matter if your commercial use of your garage door is for a warehouse, emergency facility, agriculture, apartment complex, parking structure, retail location, or anything else - we can install, repair, or do maintenance on your type of commercial garage door.

Varieties of commercial garage doors include:

  • Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors
  • Overhead Commercial Garage Doors
  • Commercial Security Grilles
  • Fire Rated Commercial Garage Doors
  • Aluminum/Glass Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors

rollup garage door

Commercial roll-up garage doors are a common choice for businesses in Orland Park because they offer the easy access and security provided by a garage door, but they require much less horizontal space than typical overhead garage doors because they roll up onto themselves. Rollup garage doors are slatted metal, and they roll up into a coil directly above the garage door opening.

At Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair, we install commercial rollup garage doors for any size of opening. We can find custom solutions that fit your business's needs. We also provide repairs of commercial rollup garage doors including rollup motor repairs, rollup remote programming, and more.

High Speed Commercial Rollup Doors

High speed commercial rollup garage doors are, as the name suggests, a variety of commercial rollup garage doors that offer high-cycle performance. They can (ideally) handle an unlimited number of cycles of opening and closing every day. They are very popular choices for warehouse locations in Orland Park. High speed commercial rollup doors provide increased speed and efficiency, which will save your business money. They also offer increased security because they dont' allow a potential criminal from running into your warehouse while the garage door is closing.

Overhead Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial overhead garage doors are similar to residential sectional overhead garage doors, but larger, and more durable. These, like all commercial garage doors, require specialized equipment, tools, and training to be worked on.

At Jameson Garage Doors & Gate Repair of Orland Park, we carry parts for and can install all major brands of commercial overhead garage doors including:

  • C.H.I
  • Clopay
  • Overhead
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • And More!

If you need any kind of commercial garage door repair in Orland Park, give us a call at 1-708-273-5184 to schedule service today.


For commercial garage door service in Orland Park, give us a call at 1-708-273-5184 and schedule an appointment today.

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